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US Logistics Truck Upgrade

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In the mid 1990's, the M939 series of trucks were replaced by Oshkosh's MTV. Seeing that the current logistics truck found in game for US forces is the M939, It would be nice to see the game get the more modern version. In game, the new MTV would be functionally the same as its older counterpart but could offer many new variants that could enhance the game.


Logistics Truck



For the logistics variant of the MTV, a basic MTV with fold down cargo sides could be loaded with stacks of ammunition and supply crates much like the other trucks in game.


Transport Truck



The transport truck is where the extra varieties come in. One of the things that I have always wanted to see in game is more light vehicle gameplay. On most layers, the transport truck is usually left at main and rarely ever used. In order to increase the viability of light vehicle use, the transport truck could be armed with either a M2 or M240 machinegun allowing the truck to defend itself. The truck could also be added in as an unarmed variant as well as either armored or unarmored types. Squads could then fit into a single vehicle rather than having to split itself into multiple.


Would love to hear others ideas on this topic. Criticisms from people who know more on this topic are greatly appreciated!

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I agree, in that the US should use M1083 MTVs (but not the M1078 LMTV as shown above).  In fact, seeing those ancient M939s somewhat messes with my immersion. And, yes, a version with the armored cab would be pretty cool.  Of course it would be most beneficial if crew injury was better modeled...


Likewise, Canadian Forces need the Navistar truck or something similar.  Sure, keep the LUVs around, but they should haul a lot less than the trucks, though maybe a bit more than the Minsk motorcycles.

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