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Fire Truck

The Fire House

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Welcome to The Fire House!


We do not handle ban appeals or server issues on this forum.

Please visit us in discord at discord.firehouse.wtf for the aforementioned.


Point of contact on forums: Fire Truck


*****     SERVER RULES     *****


1.    Behavior

1.1    No trolling/toxicity

1.2    Zero tolerance policy for racism, sexism, anti-Semitism and the like.

1.3    No excessive spam of text chat or voice channels

1.4    Never intentionally teamkill - always apologize for tks

1.5    Players with inappropriate/offensive names will not be allowed on the server.

         These names are covered by the criteria of rule 1.2.


2.    Gameplay

2.1    No 1-man locked infantry squads. 1-man squads are allowed for Logi or Heli ONLY.
    2.1.1    If using the assigned 1-man squads, you must be performing your designated duties at all times or risk being disbanded.

2.2    Always focus on and support the active objectives.

2.3    Always use the Squad Leader kit as Squad Lead, have a microphone and be capable of speaking English.

2.4    Never engage anything halfway past the closest objective to main for AAS/Invasion, 300m for Insurgency or 300m for RAAS until overridden by a closer cap.             Created objectives, like FOBs or vehicles firing within 300m, become fair game.

2.5    Never abuse glitches or main's protection zone.

2.6    Squad leaders reserve the right to remove you from a squad at any time for any reason.


3.    Vehicles

3.1    Never waste assets or abuse the role of any vehicle.

3.2    Always have two crew assigned to ground vehicles requiring crewman kit.  Never engage without a driver and gunner inside the vehicle

3.3    Always honor the respawn order of vehicles in main.  If they were there first then they get it.

3.4    First properly named squad gets the claim. (Denoted by squad #)

ex.  "2 Strykers", "Tanks" (all tanks), " 1 Bradley",
NOT: "Armor", "Aircraft", or other names too generic you couldn't possibly crew all of.

Suggested names for a claim squad:
    - MTLB
    - ZSU
    - APCs/Stryker/BTR/BTR-80/FV432
    - 30mm/BTR-82A/30mm MTLB
    - Bradley/Warrior
    - MBT/Tank/M1/Abrams/T-72s
    - Helis/Helos/Helicopters/Mi-8/Blackhawk/UH-60M
    - Logi



The following rules only apply to the server during seeding times (defined as the server being <20v20 active players)

4.1    Always fight over the central objective(s).

4.2    Always place your team's HAB at least 100m away from the fight objective(s).

4.3    Never attack FOBs/HABs past the central objective(s)

4.4    Never use any vehicles except logistics or non combat transports.

4.5    Never attack with mortars while seeding.

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