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Anyone playing squad with a 5700

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I get extreme stuttering and in general garbage performance with my 5700. Never had stuttering with my 480, and the frame rate on the 480 was only slightly lower at the same settings. Meanwhile in games like the bannerlord beta the 5700 is a massive improvement over my 480. A google search of this issue has yielded me zero solutions for this problem and was wondering if anyone else has, hasn't, or had this issue and solved it.



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I'm playing with a AsRock 5700 custom + Ryzen 5 1600x @3.7GHz + [email protected] (planning to buy a Ryzen 5 3600) and Squad looks like a Slideshow, even with >60FPS + FreeSync monitor.

  • When in a Full Server i need to set low graphic settings because game isn't playable at high/epic;
  • I get same max FPS in low, medium, high or ultra but when setted low, game didn't drop frames as it do at high or epic.


I still learning english, some error may occour.


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