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AnimalMother's Gameplay and Short clips

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Hey all,


I've recently (re)started recording some of the games that I've been playing. Mostly just for short clips that capture a set event, though I'm going to look at recording more and having edited rounds, or compilations of a few weeks worth of games. Nothing fancy with the editing just enough for the battles to flow.


Here's the first of the videos that's a bit longer and covers the gameplay.


Here's a short clip of a miracle on how I survived.


There's a few more clips on my YouTube channel here.


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I think I played a match on Mutaha with you earlier today on the Project Awesome #2 server.  We were US vs Russians and you and another guy had some bad luck in a door way multiple times lol.  Nice videos, nice to see another content creator staying calm instead of overreacting every few seconds

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