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My post is most likely going to end up at the bottom of the “quality-of-life-rubbish-bin.” But I’m gone give it a go anyway, because I think it’s important enough subject to bring up.




Idea 1a.) Transport “Heal”


I would like to suggest an idea of implementing “Regenerative Healing” for wounded troops in the backseat of a transportation vehicles. For obvious reasons, bleeding needs to be stopped before embarking the vehicle for the regenerative heal to take effect. Similar if a wound is acquired during transport, regenerative heal will not kick in before the wound is patched.


Please take note that the vehicle itself does not provide “Regenerative Healing”, the only way for healing get triggered is if there is a medic onboard.


1a.) Issue to solve.


Improve the pace of the game at the squad level, less downtime needed to heal each individual soldier in a squad of nine. Healing can be given on the go. Transportation vehicles such as Trucks, MRAPS, IFVS are rarely played, most of the time abandoned in main base.


Improvement in capability of trans vehicles, would increase their relevance in the field and give them a much-needed functionality upgrade to squad mobility and management.


At the moment most Transport Vehicles seen as onetime use, thrown away, when served as taxi, getting from point A to point B. I would like to expand their importance on the field.


Idea 2b.) Heli Gunner Balance.

Transport helicopters are a bullet magnet. Everyone knows this fact; Heli’s are fun to shot at and most of the time carry valuable a cargo “squishy humans”. Not to mention two side gunners, which are extremely exposed.


The possibility of shooting out a helicopter gunner easily is a satisfying sight to behold and should be kept. However, there is room for balance. Give the Heli Gunner the possibility to patch his wounds in the backseat of the helicopter. If there is Medic present, he should receive “Regenerative Healing”.


2b.) Issue to solve.


In almost all cases, gunners who are wounded, bleed out inside the helicopter and die. Most of the time there is no way of landing and reviving fallen gunners.


At the moment the problem is solved by having the gunner respawn in base, costing the team 1 ticket for every gunner that is wounded and killed, because the bleeding can’t be stopped in mid-flight.


Heli Gunners have a repetitive gameplay, and it gets quite tedious, especially on the larger maps. Some people might say, well you can just land the Heli, and revive. But that only puts more tickets at risk and its more efficient to have them respawn.


 ((Please keep mind that the gunner needs to step off the gun to stop the bleeding process. The “Regenerative Healing” should be a “slow-burn-hp-regen”, so the gunner will be out of action for a while and only healed if there is a Medic present.)) For all the snowflakes out there....


Transportation Helicopters are not gunships, and as such should be weak. I agree and understand that fact. But the possibility to lick your wounds and get back into the fight should be there for Heli gunners, just as it is there for the infantry.


TANKS fo weeding!

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I think it is a good idea (Heal on backseat of transport assets) but I think it should heal the same amount of player at the same time with the same amount of medics in the vehicle

For example, in heli, we have 1 medic and 3 wounded, it should heal 1 by 1 and not all 3 at the same time and the heal should be altomatic.

If a player is bleeding, i think it should have an option to player use his bandage or not, and it should be slower, because the vehicle is in movement.

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In PR = Project Reality players changing into the backseat in any vehicle, had the option to bandage up, however not heal. It was definitely a function that was welcome by many. ;)

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I'm pretty sure they want healing in vics as much as we do but like a lot of the current systems, it requires a full or almost a full rewrite. It isn't something they can just code and patch in.


Here is a link to Fuzz commenting on this "re write" subject:


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On 12/2/2019 at 8:45 AM, Pharanaiton said:

just have the option to bandage, when sitting in a vehicle, that's all we need.

exactly, its not like medics become inept when they enter a vehicle, they can still work on friendly soldiers inside a vehicle

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