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Bad experience with FP Facepunchers

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Hey Squaddies,


Recently, I've had a very bad experience on FP server (or one of, not sure how many are there). One of their members, Sniper_N º 51, went ballistic upon my request for more men on the objective. He started calling our whole team retards, incapable of taking one point, while his squad was not on the first next point to be taken, but on the third one, on the other side of the map. His argument was that they "destroyed 3 enemy logi trucks, and that's them "playing the objective", after which he proceeded cussing on everyone, bragging on how he can do that because he is a member of FP and that's their server. Then he approached one of my squad members, told them that I am shit, and team killed on purpose again saying that he will get away with that because.. FP. I've got in touch with their admins, and after 2 days of providing screenshots (unfortunantely, no videos this time), they decided to do nothing (but they will if this repeats)


tl;dr: FP Facepunchers member teamkills and offends the entire team, bragging how he can do all of it without reprecussions because he is a clan member on their server, which actually happens.

I have brought this here because I'm trying as hard as I can to report such behavior at any time in order to keep the community "clean". Allowing this kind of behavior drives people from the game and/or sends a message that it can go unpunished.

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Got told about this and we had a jolly good laugh about you, finally stumbled across it so I thought I would have a say. I didn't go ballistic upon your request for more men on the cap, we had eliminated 2 HAB's and 3 lodgi trucks during what was a free weekend so not the best players on at the time, even with us attacking their HAB's the point could not be captured and you were going mad at everyone in command chat during the entire game, as the game was really beginning to be lost you started to attack myself and my squad of 6 men who were attacking their new HAB that they had built and blaming every squad for losing the whole game even though most of the SL's were only playing the free weekend, we weren't as far away as you claim and we were moving back for the fourth or fifth time to support the defense and trying to wipe out the mortars that were hammering you at the same time. After getting sick of you crying and attacking everyone in command chat I decided to tell you that it was free weekend and that you also had a squad so stop blaming everyone else as not at one moment had I seen you either build a HAB or do anything to support the team (I by that point had built 3 HAB's 1 of them from the lodgi truck that you drove straight into an enemy held objective). Everything you have said above about me offending the entire team and cussing was in fact what you were doing and had spent the whole game doing over command chat to the point that people were telling you to shut up, you were insulting new players, insulting anyone that spoke and in general being totally ignorant to the fact that it was a free weekend and expecting everyone to play like pro's.

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