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[EU-NA] The Art Of Warfare - TAW.net - Recruiting

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The Art of Warfare online gaming community was founded in 2001. TAW has over 1700 members on over 45 games. We are a multinational, multicultural community with members from all over the world. Our community is loosely based on a military organization structure and each game forms what we call, a division. We have recently created our Squad division and are looking for new members.



What can TAW offer you?

- Our community is sponsored by Teamspeak and we use it daily whether if we want to just have a friendly chat with other members or play our games.
- Chain of Command, experienced people dedicated to ensure that the gears of the community turns.
- Family friendly environment.
- Badges, medals, awards in TAW.

What TAW requires?
- You have to be 16 years of age or older.
- You must be a team player.
- You must have a working microphone and use Teamspeak.

For more information, you can visit our Welcome page.


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