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GPU overclocking and SQUAD

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Hi there!

I have NVidia 1070 GPU and it is never enough. So I trying to get some extra fps from my rig.

But as soon as I add more than 64 Mhz to core clock I get random crashes from Squad UT engine.

At the same time all GPU stresstests I've tried work fine with substantially higher clocking than Squad.

So is Squad known to be more sensitive to overclocking?

Is there any stresstest allowing to find appropriate clocking values for Squad?


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You're not going to notice a huge increase in frames from overclocking your GPU for this game, if any.


The problem is CPU related.


If you're running 3.2-3.6 ghz CPU, this game will absolutely choke out one of the cores and bring the frame rate down. 


I don't care how many cores the CPU has ether.  It will get choked out.  The game is simply not optimized yet.  Only like, the skirmish version of Tallil Outskirts has seen a major pass in optimization.   It's noticeable too.  Not only does the map look better, it runs way faster.  



If you're going to overclock anything, try to do it on the CPU. 


but personally, I would just wait.  The next update and future releases will be more optimized.     A good example of what is likely to come for Squad is what has been done for Post Scriptum v4.21.


Post Scriptum v4.21 not only looks better, it runs significantly faster, according to people that have played the beta test.

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Thanks Crafty!

I've never looked how load distributed over different cores. It can be a single core bottleneck.

I have a very old CPU (2500K), but it already overclocked beyond 4 ghz. Still instructions per tick can be better with new core.


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