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The website states that i need to give feedback, the first one would be that the word feedback is a link to where you need to go :P

The two squad mates requirement
The game starts and people create a squad for being commander. They quickly click the "invite all" button to have people in the squad. His squad fills up while waiting for being a commander. He gets the commander and now with a full squad that plays the game and sometimes runs back to a HAB and sends an airstrike. Some squad-leaders that did not make it to command just leave their squad.

Solution: I propose to let people sign up without a squad and wait out the timer, then join an existing squad or create one.

Commander speed vs. match speed
I noticed that the commander speed is much slower compared to a match. Most of the matches there was only time for two strikes, some matches i could only use the UAV.

Solution: decrease the support timer with a few minutes and see how that goes.

Support timers
Happened a few times that a commander crashed and had to wait again while the enemy shoot first.

Solution: The support timers need to be disconnected from the player and continue after he left or crashed.

Giving orders to squads

Having the option to mark a yellow line with a number on it is an improvement, yet not all squad-leaders feel it necessary to follow.

Solution: Commander can create move markers for a squad in yellow ( also visible in every squad member compass ).

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