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insurgency servers

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i am a longtime pr player and i love playing INS aswell as AAS but lately i have been needing my INS fix. I noticed on the internet squad server browser that there a no servers populated that run this game mode. does that ever change and do popular english speaking servers run INS?

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The general consensus for quite some time now is that the game mode is extremely one sided which results in steamrolls, rage quitting and then servers getting depopulated. This is why the franchise hosts always play it safe and mostly all have the same map rotations.

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Squad Insurgency sucks.

It doesn't have the mechanics of PR that makes it fun(and PR made it less-fun with its later changes).
(trolling blufor with civi is the way)

Insurgency in Squad is pretty much dead because it's simply a worse game mode.

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EU based RIP server has insurgency in rotation...recent change to this rotation may have altered the frequency....


It is fun but needs experienced players on both sides to really work. This is rare as it is not easy to find a game.


There is work needed to make this more satisfying for both teams. Attackers have a lot of advantages. This is made worse by unlucky cache locations later in a game where the attackers can just walk in and win.


A strong defence one or even two caches is not enough when another cache is in a location which is difficult to defend.


Some new system which helps the defenders to set up, spawn at or relocate a cache would be great.

A few suggestions:

  • Commander dropped assets or remotely placed spawn points? Perhaps a choice between a spawn point or removal of a cache so it respawns (hopefully in a better location).
  • More vics spawning with a new cache, ie logistics. Need to be hidden or perhaps appear near to existing forces instead of at a cache to prevent giving it away prematurely.
  • A catchup mechanic which gives a team which has been overrun too quickly a bonus tank, fleet of techies, sped up commander assets....or something....CONTROVERSY!
  • A way of loading a cache to a vic and moving it. Complex restrictions...


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