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Coax fire in armored vehicles, Joystick support for helicopters, and more!

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I don't quite understand the idea behind making a tank only able to fire either a shell or the coax.  Even if it's a matter of one person not being realistically able to do that much (I'm not a tanker so I have no clue how they operate) then it should at least fall to the point that you shouldn't have to load coax from your SABOT in order to use it.  Is it a cooldown workaround?


As for helicopters, I don't quite understand the idea behind putting a collective in the game if you're not going to work a way out for joysticks to be able to control that collective with better accuracy.  As it stands now, the flight mechanics are very difficult, especially for new pilots.  


Is there a fix in the works for this in the future?


Lastly, Thermal optics for crewed vehicles like Armor, APCs, even hopefully gunships when they come out.  Yeah they're a little cheap, but it's sort of the idea.  Thermals allow armor to be a threat from a greater range away.  So it's up to the other team to find a way to find a way to flank them using defilade, distraction, anything they can to close the distance, or learn to shoot from a much greater distance which improves the skill level you'll find in servers.


I love the game and I love the potential, and I know it's still in alpha, but these three things would make the fundamental mechanics so much more fun!

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