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[HSD] NEW Swedish/English Squad server!

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[HSD] English/Swedish Teamwork - Sons of the north






[email protected]



Welcome to [HSD] Squad Server!

We expect an adult and polite behavior from anyone playing on our server, insults, bullying or other deliberate acts that create problems will lead to kick or ban.


We are Sons of the North. We grew up hard, on cold stone, in deep snowy forests of Northern Sweden. Some of us in flesh and some of us in spirit... we welcome any brother whose heart & spirit is with the north.


Discord and ruleset can be found at:https://discord.gg/37TDSV

-= Squad Leaders =-
- Squad leaders must have a microphone and communicate with the team.
- Squad leaders must speak english and squad leader channel is english only.

-= Server rules =-
- Be courteous towards all players & play with teamwork!
- Act mature and set a good example for gamers on the server.
- Do not spam, troll, grief, incite drama, use racist, bigoted, abusive language.
- Do not spam music, annoying sounds, or excessive soundboards through any voip channel.
- Do not Teamkill. If by accident apologize in all chat.
- Squads need 4 members before they may be locked, except heavy vehicle/helicopter squad. 
- SLs may kick players from their Squad for any reason.
- Vehicles requiring a crewman kit should have at least 2 crewmen minimum. Return to main if you do not have enough.
- First come first serve! First named squad gets asset priority for vehicles requiring a crewman/pilot kit! (Tank / APC / Heli etc)
- Do not camp the main. The opposing team must always have one clear exit out of main. Mines/IED's/AT Camping are not allowed within 400m.
- Do not share team info, ie. ticket counts, troop positions, or spawn points with the opposing team. This is a permaban
- Do not teamswitch to gain info or stream snipe. This is a permaban.
- Do not advertise or recruit players in all.
- You must join a squad!! AFK/unassigned players will be kicked.
- Pings above 250 may be kicked.

-= Seeding =-
When server is 15vs15 or lower, the following rules apply:
- Actively fight on the middle flag or between the two middle flags.
- Do not use heavy assets, for example Tanks, APCs, 


Shoutout to CNL for a copy our your ruleset!

Do you want to to get reserved slots or admin rights for your clan? Help us seed our server and join us in the effort to maintain the server populated.



The server is up on 1000/100 mbit dedicated IP/line. Stay tuned for more info.


We really hope to bring new players to the community!

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