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Ability to test microphone

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Could we get the ability to test our microphone in the "Audio" tab of settings, or somewhere similar? I've played several games before where I didn't realize my mic wasn't coming through and I feel like that would be an easy way to test it, especially considering how necessary mics are in this game.

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Many modern machines having multiple mic inputs (my nuc has a mic bank internal, my headset has a mic that i want to use - even disabling unwanted i/o devices doesn't guarantee the correct one is chosen on launch) a mic test & config function internal to the game would be massively useful. The number of times I've waited patiently to join a server only to find i can't communicate, and then having to either put up with it and degrade the game for squad mates, or rage quit and start it all again... Argh! It would also be massively useful if mic volume could be adjusted in the game, and a software mic boost to address the aforementioned windows 10 ruined mic setup would be a grand feature. I've used peace previously, and it's great until win 10 does an update and then not so much. If communication wasn't so core to the game I'd agree other workarounds are fine. 

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