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Unknown Soldiers Lite Military Realism|NA+EU|18+

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Unknown Soldiers is recruiting!

What we offer:

Discord, website, forums, ranking and award systems
Structured progress and evaluation, training (BCT)
Advanced combat disciplines and specialties (Combat MOS)
Active and prior military recognition for fast tracking
Beginners welcome!

We also play: COD, Escape From Tarkov, Battlefield, EvE


Hop on our Discord and check us out!

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I've been apart of =US= for a little over a month. I'm also a veteran, so I wanted to find a community that played tactically. =US= after a month, I couldn't ask for a better group of people to play with. Also with the Squad branch just starting up and already at 13 members that are very active It's been a blast. We currently have a dedicated training server and are in the process of getting a dedicated 80 player server for public games, and OPS. Come check us out!  

PS. We have our meeting's on Fridays at 8:30 pm est and then we do our "Friday night ops" so it's a great time to come see what we're about!

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