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Jacob Riela

Tobruk Company | Allied Imperial Forces | North America

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Tobruk Company Allied Imperial Force


About Us


The Tobruk Company is a Squad Company based out of North America, but integrated inside an Australian Community as they turn towards International Expansions. Tobruk Company is fresh to the Squad community as the Australian Community pushes towards other games, but their North American leader has experience with Squad as he has played it for around 2 years. The Tobruk Company has experienced leaders that have served in the United States Army, but instead of using Conventional Military Tactics, the Tobruk Company uses Guerrilla Warfare to keep their enemies on their heels. The Tobruk Company is looking for dedicated, disciplined, and respectful members to help it's expansions into the Squad Community.


What We Offer





Active Community

Rank Structure

Prior Military Experience


How to Enlist


As of November 14, 2019, Tobruk Company is proud to announce that the command roles have been selected. Future Squad Leads are under the control of Company First Sergeant, and will get direct training on how to conduct a Squad. Now, we need enlisted soldiers that are skilled to help conduct ourselves in a professional manner. We are also looking for new members of the Squad Community to teach them how to play the game and be apart of a team.


If you are interesting in enlisting, please head to our discord to start right way!






Jacob Riela

Company First Sergeant

Tobruk Company

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