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Enemy vehicles can be captured without destruction, much like capture points, with a ticket gain to the team and a ticket loss to the enemy.



Reduce the tendency for players to abandon vehicles, damaged or not.



To capture an enemy vehicle, there must be...

  • two infantry on the ground within a very small radius for X amount of time (X indicates a number to be determined)
  • no enemy within a slight larger radius (to ensure a vehicle is not capture mid-firefight)


Once captured, vehicles de-spawn and eventually respawn at enemy main, like a destroyed vehicle.

Reasons for Consideration

  • adds another element for infantry to contribute towards ticket gain for the team
  • rewards observant players working together while punishing players who are not 
  • small enough to not distract an entire team away from match objectives



  • vehicles capture without the need for explosives
  • makes players think twice about leaving vehicles unmanned
  • high risk but with greater gain than destruction
  • creates additional points of interest for firefights on the map
  • adds a new dimension to ticket gain for a losing side, increasing the asymmetric complexity of the overall match for both sides
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i've put in a erquest for a trigger volume and abandon logic at the parent level - have to wait and see if it happens. atm there is now way to do this without individually modifying every vehicle.

logic with a switch to swap between Abandon and Capture modes would be even better.


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