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Mod weekend is awesome

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When I loaded up squad today, I saw all those featured modded servers on official tab. I thought, "what the hell is this shit?". After seeing my fav server is full, I decided to try that "shit" out for 5 minutes out of curiosity - I joined a zombies server. Fast forwards a few hours, I am telling you this was awesome. I never saw this kind of teamwork in any squad game (atleast when  you're on Humans side)


On "Last Stand" where you build a castle and protect its walls with your team from rushing zombies. Just having a 40-50 men fireteam spread across the walls shooting is awesome. When one guy falls from the wall to the outer side, 5 guys stack up on-top - one goes down and heals him. When the downed guy is healed, 7-guy shovel-squad takes the walls out and build it back letting the downed person and medic come back.


On "Hives", having human squads spread across the map, moving towards to next hive from different roads - each squad stacked up together on open areas and big roads moving along. SLs coordinating the attack on next hive compound. I've never seen a game where squads are actually formed up this tightly.




I think this "permadeath" idea that Squad never had added great teamwork value - using your friends to stay alive. This is something Squad never had, which is funny thinking how this game got prominent in the "Permadeath survival" era of online video games.


Anyway, I don't know how - but this needs to be preserved through more interesting and different mods that shall spice up the vanilla squad gameplay.

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On 11/1/2019 at 3:03 PM, Guan_Yu007 said:

Mods are honestly most of the fun for me, i really love the main game ofcourse, but man these mods are just so unique.

Games with the best mod communities tend to be some of the longest lasting games out there. Glad to see Squad focusing some on this early on.

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