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Currently, the SQUAD Brazilian community faces problems due to the lack of a public server that could keep the game alive in our coyntry. 
So, after 10 years after its first foundation, the CBPR comes back again to offer fun to all SQUAD players.
With friendship and respect as its basic principles, along with the development and strengthening of the basic knowledge needed to the ingame experience and also promoting and massifying the culture of team and fair play among players, CBPR | SQ opens its doors for all the ones willing to have fun once again.



CBPR was created back in 2009 with the mission of bringing Project Reality Mini Mod players to a gameplay experience full of teamwork, interaction and digital entertainment.
Five years after the end of its activities and observing the current Squad scenario in our country - with servers constantly under DDOS attacks and also with technical and structural problems, the CBPR | SQ comes back to rescue all those great matches full of teamwork.
Almost 10 years since its establishment, CBPR will once again provide the best in and off game environment for all rule-abiding players who are willing to collaborate with each others’ fun.
Our management team is made up of players from the community and also has the experience of the former board members who have been on the team for a long time.


It’s always good to point that CBPR | SQ has its structure completely independent of other communities. It’s also known that the Community has already been supported by Click21, Terra Games, Comunidade Gamer and UBGE, in addition to the great job done by other clans, including the offering of servers. However, we’ve made it crystal clear that since the year of 2009 the CBPR belongs only to the RBR clan "Reality Brasil", pioneer in the spread, practice and knowledge sharing of the ex mod Project Reality.


CBPR | SQ is composed of teams committed to further develop your in and off-game experience and we all hope that everyone can enjoy this new experience leaving all the problems behind, while focusing on the maintenance and development of the game matches. We're all here only to have fun playing this great FPS game.



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