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This is my first post. So please bear with me on any errors. Short and sweet.

I've changed the controls in the input files to:

Yaw: Mouse X axis
Pitch: Mouse Y axis
Roll: A & D
Collective: W & S


When I free look, my X axis ACTUALLY makes me yaw. Which will **** up any trajectories / maneuvers  I was attempting to do and throw me off course. 

I felt I could strong arm it in-game with extra practice in training. But it was hard pointing my side-gunner at infantry when I was setting an orbit course around them as they moved through open fields. If I looked, I'd slowly end up pointing my nose at them and end up in a dive or off course depending on my roll angle; also putting my side gunner off target.

Is there any way in the input file where if LeftAlt is being used to freelook with my mouse it turns off (MOUSE X AXIS) input for Yaw?

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