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Embark/disembark queue time should add upp depending on size of exit/entry point on vehicle

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I have an idea:


Upon embarking/disembarking, it should take longer if someone already has started to disembark before you did. The  time it should take should be proportional to the number of people which pressed disembark before you. That is to simulate a queue forming towards the limited points of exit/entry on the vehicles. This would be more realistic and also avoid problems like people ending up in the rotor blades upon mass disembarks from a  helicopter.


Say for example, on a tank: Disembarking all through the turret hatches at the same time is actually highly unrealistic. Now imagine a single enemy picking you off one by one as you exit the tank, rather than 4 people popping out in a flash mob, starting to spray that single enemy with bullets on the same exact millisecond. Exiting vehicles should be cumbersome, because they are IRL.

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I would certainly like to see that to get in certain seats of a vehicle, you have to go to the corresponding door. For example, tank gunners and commanders having to enter on top of the vehicle, infantry dismounts having to get in through the rear hatch or the side door in the case of the BTR.


This might be a middle ground between what the OP is suggesting an what is currently in the game. I've always hated that everyone can just hold f and get in from any point.

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On 10/26/2019 at 4:10 AM, Serathis said:

It's already this way in Project Reality, I would love to see this added in Squad.

You still get into whatever seat is available in PR instead of the proper seat that the hatch leads to.

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