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too few Helimaps on Vanilla Servers

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as the title says:

When playing on vanilla servers with vanilla map rotation (even on (R)AAS only servers) its a rarity to play maps with helos. Rounds naturally last longer than an hour and when playing some hours an evening you  have to be lucky to actually play a map with helos and even more to fly one.

i think there are more maps that would benefit from helicopters.

Al Bashra


even Belaya ...

Kamedesh would probably be a hell to land but still.

Mutaha would work also i guess.

but maybe they are too small


But what "bothers" me most is that there still are some map layout on the big maps where there still are no helos. i actually cant count how many times ive played gorodok v4 (i think its v4) in the last days.

And i have yet to find a layout where there is actual anti air vs helos.


in conclusion:

on random map rotation the appearance of helos is too few i think.

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