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Mic not working in squad

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I've got a problem with my mic when in squad, no one can hear me. When testing the mic in windows it is being detected and is responding to sounds, when activating the listen to it echos what I am saying. Audacity can also record my voice using it.


What I've tried:


Re-installing the game
Updating the drivers

Re-installing the drivers

Using a different mic

Using different drivers for the mic

I've tried messing with the quality of the mic stream to lower it (a suggestion on reddit)


As for tests its quite difficult to test this issue as I have to go into the game and ask people if they can hear me in a number of ways, local chat, squad chat and then in text, and most of the time people just ignore you, so a single test can take 20-30 minutes.


Any ideas on what I can try short of a windows re-install?

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What type of mic do you use? Cable or USB connected? Wireless?

Does it work in discord/TS?

Do you connect it before you launch squad?

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