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Hallo, German player joining the forums

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Hallo, I am a 32 years old German Squad player. I have some 150 + hours in Squad, I mostly play on the We Love Squad Germany servers (if the queue allows joining in acceptable time). I often take SL role and try my best regarding teamwork and tactics. If not SL, I usually play Medic, or normal infantry. In terms of map, I prefer the east european ones, especially Narva (fav i guess), Yerovika (you know which I mean) and Gorodork (is it spelled like that?). However, Id like to have more non-desertish urban enviroments. 


My gaming experience does NOT include PR, but I am a Operation Flashpoint veteran. I daresay that game still holds my hours record. 


I have a lot of modding experience (mapping) for Source Engine (CSS/CSGO), including 3d modelling. I want to try to create a map for Squad. Once I have some relevant progress you can expect me to open a thread in the modding section. 


I guess thats it for now!

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