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Huge announcement, I was wrong.

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OWI is by far the best team. I asked for city map, and they gave me the pearl that is Mutaha. Its bringing back the tactical gameplay, there are at least 500 different approaches to this map, and roadways you can use. Ambush points everywhere, literally. 

This map will prove difficult for many casual players. Love it, Love it. Idc about the choppers, this map alone.
We can utilize our roles, machine gunners can give cover from rooftops, etc etc. Its perfect.

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When i came up with the with overall design of Mutaha it came from the name.... i believe maze in Arabic is pronounced mutaha or very close to.

So i wanted to come up with something new.. with basrah you have multiple windows to watch out for so with Mutaha i wanted multiple lane ways and then youve got to worry about the roof tops aswell.


Not only that, you also get a very good balance of vehicle and gameplay in and outside of the towns.


Its a very solid mixture of chora, basrah, sumari, tallil and yet still its own unique map

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