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Keyboard on windows malfunctions as soon as Squad is played.

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Ive been having issues for about 2 weeks now with my keyboard once I begin to play Squad. Seems anytime i join a server my keyboard begins to rapidly and repetitively begin to type the number "9". So upon pressing "J" to talk to all, my text box would look something like this " 99999999999999h9999999e9999999l99999999l99999o". I tried typing hello as normal and a bunch of 9s' would fill themselves in.

So ive turned off sticky keys, even though 9 is never used in squad.

I have updated all drivers related to my keyboard. 

I have updated all my graphic drivers and audio drivers. 

I have tried other games and had no luck in reproducing the issue. 

I have reinstalled squad twice and cleared cache every time i start the game. 

I tried using multiple keyboards and had the same thing happen, on 3 different keyboards and tried different usb ports for each keyboard. 



Also, once the issue begins in Squad it does not stop even if i disconnect the keyboard from the USB drive. In fact it continues to carry on even out of game. Ill open my start bar and 9s' will appear in the search bar on the start menu. I open any web browser and the 9's appear in the search bar or address bar. The only time i can get the 9's to stop is if i hold down CTRL or ALT on the keyboard. Then the issues halts as long as i hold down CTRL or ALT. 


Hours of research on anyone whose has maybe had the same problem only seems to come up with people who have laptops with failing keyboards.

So im a little bit of a loss and the issue only arises if i play squad. I have had had no luck in reproducing the issue playing any other game. 

Only a force restart solves the issue entirely unitl the next time i play squad. 


Any help or thoughts would be amazing..


Thank you all





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