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Helicopter Flight Model and Control.

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Hello developers!

Your game is wonderful in many ways. Squad perhaps the best representative of the game balancing well between hardcore and interesting gameplay. It seems to me that I understand your direction of development correctly.


Helicopter Flight Model and Control.

After trying a helicopter flight to Alpha16 I was surprised at such a primitive physical model of flight. It seems to me that even in the arcade Battlefield flight is more realistic.
What I saw: A helicopter is extremely quickly able to change the thrust and movement vector along the vertical axis, but at the same time it is completely clamped and slowly moves along the rotation axes.
This is an extremely arcade flight model with an artificial limitation of rotation speeds to give a visual resemblance to real helicopters. Of course, this approach will protect your game from gameplay records with twitching helicopters like in Arma, but at the same time, it will deprive players of the pleasure of overcoming the difficulties in trying to learn how to control a helicopter.

Squad is a hardcore game and I very much hope that controlling the helicopter in your game will be no less hardcore and rely on realism.

Please do not ignore fans of aviation simulators. Add support for FreeTrack / OpenTrack, TrackIR and Hotas.
We need the ability to assign the joystick axis to any control axis.

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