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Squad VOIP doesn't work

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The Squad VOIP doesn't work for me.  When pressing "B" to talk in squad voice they can hear me but I can't hear them.  I here the beep and their name appear in green to show they are talking but hear nothing.


However VOIP in local does work.


All settings are correct in game with volume set to 200% and keybindings set correctly.


Anyone help?


Forgot to mention I don't have this issue in "Squad - Public Testing" branch

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try unchecking "radio filter" in settings...for some reason all of a sudden it screwed my comms over....now its working without the filter.


very game breaking tho that now i have to use plain old sounding voip comms instead of the cool radio filter effects...prolly just gonna uninstall squad now just cuz of that. i use TFAR mod with arma a lot and it addes the experience...half the reason i liked squad was cuz of the built in radio effects. lame.

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