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We need more close combat maps, such as fallujah

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Or in general maps where its city environment, close combat, many options both tactical, and counter tactical, all these open maps dont give much variation, they're all open. Close combat maps, or city maps will open up thousands of tactical ways to approach it, where open maps feel like you're playing the same map in counter strike, or call of duty. 

Given that the developers actually make it random, Most developers working on maps, have this idea that they need to make "Entry points" and "End Points", that there should be a way that leads to this key location. Which ruins the whole aspect of it being a tactical game. If we can get developers that make everything accessible on a city map, so squad leaders can make their own entry points, and end points, that would be sweet.

An example to make it just a tad easier to understand:
We have a house, where the only points of entry is two doors or a balcony, make it so every possible way in, or out possible is available, a window, a bathroom window, give us the tools to move around like we would be in real life, and not limit it. Its hard to explain... Most maps give us one, or two ways where there is in actuality more than ten ways to make entry, and it limits the gameplay.

And don't tell me we have close combat city maps, they aren't too close, and there is definitely not enough entry points either, the city maps we have are very open, and half the time 90% of the city environment is not used, because its not needed.

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I kind of agree, I think having a larger city map in the game would encourage better teamplay but I fear the devs will take the Narva

 approach and make it a sniper's dream funhouse of shooting gallery death. Not to mention the tanks in Squad are not like BF in that most armor shoot HE rounds that can kill whole squads in a single shot. Maybe there needs to be something said about allowing people to climb to the top of buildings to snipe and putting bushes around for people to sit in them.

My honest opinion here... I just don't think S2S combat is really suited to Squad, I just think that the game would just be a death match even with flags there would be rally squashing and shit fobing everywhere.


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