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My Helicopter Feedback and Suggestions

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Before I start, let me just let it be said that I have around 12 or so hours of practice. So it's not like it's my very first impressions.


1. Flying 


The flight model feels decent to me. Personally i'd like it to feel a little heavier and less responsive. As it is it feels just a little to "quick" and "arcady"  for squad in my opinion. Could just be the default sensitivity or something but even then you can absolutely fling the helicopters everywhere. Just seems to me its too quick and jumpy feeling as it is. Another thing I noticed is sometimes when you are coming in for a smooth and slow landing and the collective is around 40 - 50 the helicopter gets super slidey (this happens well above the ground as well). It happens inconsistently so that gives me a reason to believe it's a bug. Maybe has something to do with ground effect if that's even implemented. Maybe ground effect ramps up if you are directly above a tree? I don't know for sure but its just a thought. Speaking of the collective, its a little to sensitive for my preference. If the devs could add some sort of sensitivity slider that'd be great. (Also I've noticed on the HUD in game it says 50% is the hovering number, It's more like 45 I've noticed.) 


 2. Landing 

Landing as i'm sure everyone knows by now is pretty janky most of the time. it's pretty hard for new pilots but if you keep practicing it becomes pretty easy to even do quick landings in tighter spaces like intersections or rooftops. But something i would kill to see implemented into the game is a key to lock your wheels while on the ground. If you so as touchdown at 1 mph you will slide like your on ice regardless of what way you are facing. When the wheels hit the ground there is a severe lack of grip and "friction". This is the hardest part about landing for me. It's obviously not going to be your top priority while in combat to absolutely nail your touchdown so most of the time you will still be floating a bit while touching down, which will result in the helicopter skidding in the direction you where moving regardless of whether you are moving backwards, forwards, left or right. If there was some sort of option to lock your wheels or if they just made the helicopters grip the ground more in general it would make landing a lot better. 


Another thing i'd like to see changed is the landing camera. It works fine as it is i'd just like it to be more zoomed out or have a higher FOV I suppose. A fish eye lens look would be nice. I say this because to use the landing camera you really just need to be directly over the lz to even see it. Just a small inconvenience really.


 3. Other 


  • Door gunners could benefit from having more tracer rounds. Maybe every 4th or so round be a tracer idk.
  • Sometimes while in the door gunner position the helicopter sound isn't muffled and reduced. This makes communication impossible without turning down the in game audio. 
  • Give door gunners higher capacity belts. I'm guessing its 100 rounds. Really not a whole lot when you are full auto spraying at targets most of the time.
  • Give more of a reason to have a copilot. They are really just used now to assist in navigation, landing and communication. Would be super cool if there was a key you could hit to hand the controls back and forth from pilot to copilot. 




The helicopters in Squad have a lot of potential. If the developers can iron out the bugs, polish the physics and add some of the features the community have been recommending, V16 will be a really nice update to the game. 


If anyone would like to discuss the topic or give there own feedback feel free to do so. 


Thanks for reading!





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More things i'd like to see added is:


  • FOV slider for pilot position. Would be nice to see a bit more.
  • More pilot keybinds. (I'd love to be able to bind "freelook" from left alt to mouse 1 personally.) 
  • Allow the copilot to zoom in and free look at things far away. This would make the copilot role more useful and worth having in the first place.
  • Allow Blackhawk door gunners to traverse the turret more. It's really challenging to return fire on targets due to the 20 or so degrees of left and right rotation.    


Please for the love of all things holy reduce the helicopter sound while in the door gunner position. You literally cannot hear a thing anyone else says without almost muting the effects audio.

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