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Vehicle H.U.D. to a minimum

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When seated in for example a logi truck, i kind of find it a bit ridiculous to see these HUD icons that show me how the truck is angled. I prefer that gone. Also the engine icon could be replaced by maybe a couple of distinct levels of noise the engine makes telling you somethings wrong with it. Some icons replaced like the engine icon with noise and maybe the angle icons with hold lean to simply look outside the vehicle, would balance out the QOL improvements wich for some part robbed squad of it's initial (raw) appeal. Also a little red light on and off somewhere inside the speedometer to indicate if the handbrake is on or off could help make the handbrake feel more alive. Right now the handbrake feels so quantum, neither alive or dead but when observed it's there and it works.

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I wish there was an option to turn those icons off, but devs keep stacking stuff on my HUD with every update its getting ridiculous


why does it have to tell me how to bandage every time I get shot? I mean, its nice to see it a couple of times if you are new to the game, but why no option to turn it off after you learned?


jeez, I have +10 years of PR, almost 4+ in Squad and I feel retarded seeing a message telling me I have no bandages and I am bleeding

what are they gonna do next? make a message pop up telling you to reload your gun when your empty?


at least give an option to turn it off, or are you trying to compete with Battledfield here and thats why the game gets more and more arcade with every patch? have mercy

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