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The Goth Cat

Goth Cat's mixed suggestions.

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Alright, I've did a little digging, read the rules and hope that my suggestion isn't out hiding under a stump from the search results but here we go.

1: Combat engineers should be equip with a car jack to unflip vics, it only makes sense seeing as jumping on wheels being the meta seems a bit... Yeah.


2: Independent roll controls for left and right so that people used to flying in other games can adapt their skills over learning new ones, it is a QOL improvement that is much needed. Right now the roll is locked to an axis whereas someone like myself prefer turn on mouse and roll on A and D

3: (controversial) A collective return, a collective cap button and a collective precision button.

    * A collective return that will hold at "0" (edit: at 50% to hold a hover and use W and S to raise and lower that collective.) if "Collective up" is not held, adding a feature like this will prevent my headaches of trying to feather up and down for the softest landing I can perform. Having an adjustable slider for the rate at which it will return would be just... <3

    *  A button to increment the collective by five or ten % per press and would increment with acceleration as it is held (time increments between adjustments would speed up as it's held). This would reduce the "I taped it once and now I am at 80 knots" thing that seems to happen to me more often than I'd like to admit.

(Edit) 4: Add it so that switching kits heals, please... For all of those poor logi drivers in monochrome world. (Edit 2) Or add a resupply option for healing that cost build and or ammo.

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