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Newton [29th ID]

29th Infantry Division recruiting for NA/EU

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The 29th Infantry Division is currently recruiting players who enjoy Squad and are looking for a unique, realistic experience.

Who We Are

The 29th Infantry Division is a Realism Unit with a Military Rank Structure and Chain of Command.  

The Division was activated on March 14, 2005 playing in both games The Trenches and Battle Grounds.

The reputable 29th Infantry Division that stands before you today participates in the "realism" communities of Arma 3, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, and Squad.

We currently have 3 full companies with 400+ active members in the unit from all over the world and 170 in Squad alone.

While we strive to be realistic in game, we are still a laid back community looking to have fun and hang out. 

Click https://imgur.com/a/04kXNJj about to learn more about the 29th.


What We Have To Offer


  • Teamwork-oriented style of gameplay, known as "Realism"

  • Rank Structure

  • Chain of Command

  • Teamspeak Server

  • Numerous Public and Private Servers (Arma 3, RS2, and Squad)

  • Active Forums/Community/Members

How To Join

To join the 29th Infantry Division, every new member must go through our 5 day Basic Combat Training course.

Some get overwhelmed when they find out the Basic Training schedule - realize that we understand if you cannot attend a day or two, but that we ask you to attend as many as possible.

Our Basic Combat Training course will instruct you on how the 29th operates and allows us to learn a little about you!

We accept members of all experience levels and have times that are flexible for all people.

If you are interested click http://www.29th.org/enlist/ to start your enlistment.


Cpl. Newton [29th ID]

Easy Company Fourth Platoon Third Squad

Squad Leader

Edited by Newton [29th ID]

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