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Pat on the back for the Dev team.

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Morning all,


I just wanted to give some positive feedback after playing Squad last night, for a few hours, after 18 months or so of not playing.   So many great changes that overall might be harder to appreciate when playing throughout development.


What really stood out for me...

  • The UI - just nice design & functionality.  
  • Animations - these are a MASSIVE leap forward, top work for immersion.
  • Logistics - spawning with the load you die with - fanfeckingtastic.
  • Randomness & Play modes & game play - variety, variety, variety - tick, tick, tick!
  • Textures
  • Fireteams
  • Loadouts - The choices & limits are a vast improvement.
  • Performance (might be my upgrade!)


And a ton of new stuff I'll be getting up to speed with for months!  And great to see an old mate 'fuzzhead' on the team.


With nearly 500hrs in early versions, i look forward to anther 500hrs in this completely new version of Squad.  


Fantastic work boys & girls,


Salute Tommy out.



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Thank you Devs! 

Squad is an awesome game! Thank you for all your hard work!!


Each major development feels like a new game. 

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