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Skirmish Only Community

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Hi Squaddies,


We are a group of players who just love to play Skirmish Only Layers. Focussed more on infantry, tactics and having a good laugh. We have setup a discord to create a "Skirmish Only" community and get the group bigger and bigger but the most important thing is getting the infantry gameplay some love!


We are all guys from different clans and groups but all are here to get the best infantry gameplay experience there is.. 


For now we mostly play on [RIP] #2 server Skirmish only. But if there are enough people we will think about getting our own server.


So Do you like the following:

  • Do you wanna learn the game?
  • Do you hate getting sniped by some tank or Crow at a 1000m?
  • Focus more on infantry?
  • Do you want to have intense battles?
  • Great SL's & Communication
  • Do you want to have a laugh?
  • Meet nice people?


Well dont hesitate and feel free to join our discord.


Discord Link


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