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Speed leaning spam as a problem

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Speed leaning spam is arcadish gaming technic giving significant advantage for experience players.
It keeps your aim stable, prevent headshots on you and gives ability to shoot first. In a sense, it's similar to currently solved dolphin diving.

Here's reference from R6, similar to what Squad have

IMO It should be discouraged just as dolphin diving in the past. Spam of standing/sitting is a connected problem.

Significant body movement should move sight/cost stamina/reduce stamina regeneration/increase sway to get rid of meta of
spring bullet evasion style

... as well as bunny hopping gotta go, right now there's no speed reduction at all when you jump each 1-2 seconds and no stamina cost...

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agree, penalise the 3rd lean with sway.

Peek, Fire accurately.

Peek, peek, peek, miss.


Hitboxes while climbing, prone, jumping or generally changing movement seem like they need smoothing to match the body. Could be target latency but it is noticeable at my 40-60 ping.

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I like Suds "balance fix"


Im going to give away my top (cheese) strat: When I get into a close range firefight and Im losing, I move back and forth and crouch/uncrouch.

Your legs flap around, so its hard for the shooter to guess your direction of movement.

The crouch/uncrouch changes your head level.


You brought up the dolphin dive, I used to do that too(it was too effective not to :/)

Now that its been balanced, I dont do it anymore. (except for shot stabilization)


Good thing about bending around walls, is that most are not that thick. I put a few rounds into the whole building if I see that.


I know my crouch wiggle is "cheap" but its too effective for me not to use :/

I only use it when I've been ambushed, or similarly I am losing for sure. I use it as a desperation move. Im sure IRL we could "juke" but I wanted to "come clean" incase people get pissed.

I copied the move from my enemy btw, I only picked up the waggle on the battlefield, I didnt comeup with it lol.


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It's up to OWI to fix this (if at all possible) if what you do, the very game allows... Then what precisely are you doing wrong?? Life sure never complained about adapting and surviving!


Disclaimer: Don't use this reasoning in life, getting away with murder is still bad m'kay?

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What do infantry get trained to do when suddenly fired on while crossing a space?


Clearly it is not the always effective, bunny hop. Perhaps there is some merit in unpredictable zig zag combined with running like an idiot and spraying the general area of attack.


This is a question btw. Specifically about how to avoid fire rather than the tactic of a group. Obviously you getting caught out in the open without support is because you are doing it wrong but equally... sh!t happens, so what is the training to deal with it?

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