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Australian Special Forces Unit (ASFU)

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Australian Special Forces Unit (ASFU) is a friendly, non toxic multi-gaming community. We feature games such as Squad and Arma 3. As a clan, we look for mature players, and if you can not keep up with an 18+ maturity level we don't want you. We welcome all ages and we are explicitly in the Oceanic region.

If you are interested into joining, I am looking for a Co-Leader I can trust to help me out with the important stuff with the clan. If not, I will happily get you in as an administrator and / or moderator.

Discord: https://discord.gg/bwFgUgJ

Information is in the discord server, but if you have any specific inquiries, email me: qk6a.nicholasrusling@gmail.com



We take recruitment very seriously and make sure you will truly be loyal to the clan. We don't look for your gaming abilities, we look for your communication skills. Socialising is key, and if you don't want to be social and talk with other members and / or your squad you will not be able to enter the clan as a recruit. If you're active and very talkative to others, it will be easy to pass.

To get past the recruitment stage will take around 1 to 2 weeks if you don't have the patience, then too bad, you'll have to leave. Once you finish and join as a new member, you can choose the category you would like to be in. If you have outstanding communication, you should pick Squad Leader, if you have good focus, you can become a spotter for Marksmen and Snipers etc. ... but in the end, your job is mostly up to you. If an admin doesn't think you will be fit for a certain role, you will have to prove your abilities to change their mind.

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