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Ticket loss on incap', refund when revived

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Currently, infantry ticket costs are paid when an incapacitated player gives up or when instant death or occurs.


Suggestion: Remove a ticket on incapacitation or instant death, but refund it when a player is revived.


I think the "don't give up, guys!" meta at the very end of a close round is cheesy. On pub servers after close matches, you'll always suspect that maybe you only lost/won, because some people gave up unnecessarily early and in both pub and competitive matches it creates a very anticlimactic ending of about 2-4 minutes where nothing much happens, incapacitating enemies does not matter (because they won't bleed out before the end of the match) and everyone mostly waits to see whose team bleeds out earlier.


Associating costs with getting incapped aligns the game mode rules much better with the natural incentives the game provides (staying alive), removes some minor but unnecessary complexity from the mode and keeps up the normal pace of combat until the very end.


I get that there's the possibility that you revive a whole lot of people towards the end of the round and make a comeback which would be lost here. The only implication though, would be to stay on top of reviving people and keep up a *team* fight rather than converging towards last man standing, which is an acceptable change IMO.

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Quite interesting actually. 


At some point PR had something like 1 ticket for dropping somebody, 2 for the actual kill if he wasnt revived. It was removed though.  

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Its still in PR although its 1 ticket for wounded state, and one ticket for dead.


What could be interesting to have in Squad is the time added to respawn timer like in PR


From PR manual. Perhaps this would help to get players to actually defend flags.


Every time you die your respawn timer will increase by 1 second (up to a maximum of 1 minute including the 30 sec man-down time). Insurgent respawn timers start at 20 seconds due to the skipped man-down time
When your team captures a control point or destroys an objective your'
respawn timer will be reduced by 3 seconds. For defending objectives by killing an enemy in that area your timer is reduced by ¼ second.

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