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Deployables Placement Lies

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So I've encountered this issue a lot in the latest version of Squad. I don't know if it's new, or gotten worse, or if I just never noticed it, but when a deployable template turns from red to green, it's not always possible to place it.  Sometimes it cancels out with "Inside another deployable" or "Ground too steep" even when it's clearly the middle of a soccer field with a few blades of grass in the way.  Even worse when it's the backside of a perfectly stationary enemy tank and you're trying to place C4.  The collision logic there is awful.

Worse, being unable to place it drops you out of deployment mode entirely, so you have to go back through the menu just so you can also go through that whole ridiculous roulette again.  There has to be a better way.


So, simple proposal: First, fix the template so it only turns green when deployment is actually possible. Second, when deployment is impossible, don't drop the template. Let me hold down left mouse and rub the emplacement against the terrain until it sticks reasonably close to where I wanted it.  Right mouse cancels out just fine and it doesn't need to do that for me.

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