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Those Poor Bastards

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Those Poor Bastards - Tag: (:TPB:) https://discord.gg/KwgKPXF

Language: English

Nation: International (US, UK, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Israel, and some others I'm sure I missed)

Description: Democratic group of gamers where the main focus is finding like minded gamers we can get along with. We try to be honorable and respectful, and generally frown upon trolls. We like to compete in CCFN and enjoy organized play when we can find it, but generally its a pretty casual group. A great example of what our group is like? In one night we'll go from war thunder to a few rounds of squad and cap the night off with some type of group game on tabletop sim.

Members: ~50

We also play: War Thunder, Men of War AS 2, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam, World of Warships, Insurgency Sandstorm, and all sorts of other random games.

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