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Use stamina and sound to improve immersion.

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At present, Squad is 50% like a run & gun game, the players are not much affected by the intense firefight happenning around him as long as he is not personally getting shot at. You dash from point A to point B, regen stamina, move around the corner and carefully aim at an exposed target before shooting.


The video of a Swedish army wargame with live rounds against wooden targets showed a different reality: The solider was easily fatigued after crossing a short distance breathing heavily all the time. You can feel how nervous he was all the time.




1. Shots landing near or flying past you will half your stamina cap, meaning that both your movement and aim will be negatively affected. The effect would persist for a while before restoring the stamina cap to full to allow full regeneration. To increase immersion, as long as this effect is on, you will keep breathing heavily. In exchange, you get to aim much more quickly due to being alerted of enemies nearby.

2. Crossing ertain terrain like tall grass, dense forest or river would be more stamina-consuming, so in return for better concealment you sacrifice mobility. 

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