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100 vs 100?

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So I have a couple of questions, to ask (I am probably not the first one asking this). I know currently in squad you can play 40 vs 40 max, and eventually 50 vs 50. I know all of the clients connect through  UDP  to the dedicated server wich is a lot of traffic. 

My question mainly is, where is the bottleneck? 
I asume its UE4 thats the bottleneck and if thats so could someone explain this to me in depth (don't hold back) whats happening and why? I never really worked with UE4 engine sadly.
Will you get better results or preformance when you'd have everyone on a Local network accesing the dedicated server with the dedicated server also being on the same network? And are you able to increase the ammount of connected clients when preformance is indeed better?

I personally don't think its the lack of hardware for a dedicated server because we got some insane fast tech these days but I could be wrong ofc.
I would love to hear your answers :) 



P.S Apolegies for my bad spelling, my spellcheck is currently dutch only :c


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Speculating about the state of code of Squad, it's beyond repair for such things, when downgrade is introduced as a form of required for choppers optimization, it will take a separate project with different implementation principles to push it above 100 players

Some of the bottlenecks you can experience yourself: the main game logic process (probably one threaded) lags the whole server when a vehicle gets destroyed... but bottleneck is not the engine, it's the game, architecture, used principles, time and skill invested

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yeah, so that Spatial GDK thing appears to be basically a server farm for gaming, as far as i can tell from that link - aside from other little things it can do.


my first comment was going to be; server power will help.


the over-riding issue is that the engine is single-threaded, unless i'm mistaken (meaning the overiding bottleneck, at it's most basic level, is in fact the engine itself, hence this GDK thing to fix the lack of foresight from Epic).

most times the problem of server performance comes up; the issue of cost to upgrade/replace the server is always going to dictate how much you can upgrade - this is for rental as well as owned.

so the spatial thing is now offering a service that will inevitably cost a substantial amount more than a single server service.

i'd rather see the engine get a multi-thread update tbh - would fix things and more readily enable higher player counts per game instance, on existing servers.


in the old days (2004) JointOps started with 50v50 (100 player). when it's expansion, Escalation, come out the count was upped to 150 players (iirc) due to small improvement in code but mostly due to better servers. the final expansions (by the community) popped it up to 200+ players per server and was used as such for international tournies for a number of years.



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