Al Basrah was originally a map created by modders(ChanceBrah & Assi) who eventually were hired on as Devs/QA. A lot of the buildings were custom made by them, and the layout was inspired by both the PR map and the actual location in reality.

A lot of Squad maps are being updated to bring them up to standard, as we have seen over the past year. It's possible some of the older out-dated maps might get a touch up to bring them up to current standard. Logar Valley is a prime example, that map was supposed to never receive another update years ago, as it was the first map made for Squad and essentially was a test project - many years later it has had it's layout updated multiple times, and recently got a terrain and foliage overhaul - So Al Basrah could be a possibility.

Only issue is working on Al Basrah would take a lot of time due to the amount of buildings involved. 

Topo maps have been discussed a lot, and has been a topic amongst the devs for a long time. Here's the most recent quotes from Developers regarding Topo maps.
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