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Fix the crashing?

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It might not happen to you, but it will eventually. I didn't have it to begin with, but somehow its started. Its not on my end, its something that crashes with their game. Maybe an overload, or whatever.

But can you please fix the crashing, before making tournaments, and building further on the game? Its starting to tire me out. Its very annoying while in a game, and it ****s up the squads. 

I reinstalled, I even bought new graphic cards that are up to date, everything. Just to play squad, and when I cant it pisses me off, and seeing you work on development things and making tournaments and not solely work on trying to fix the crashing issues, its just not good enough.

I can play arma which works perfectly fine, and should have a billion more ways to crash due to a bug, since its so sandbox, so definitely not my end.

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