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So this is my last resort, I don't often complain or post on forums so I'll try to make it clear as possible. It's probably been a good three months since I've last played Squad, however the last week I've attempted to play but continue to hit the black screen of death. I have followed most of the common tips online, I've unsubscribed from all previous mods not even bothering to resubscribe after fix. Verify game files, reinstall without deleting files and reinstall delete the folder completely. Now after reinstalling I can play at least once of any game of choosing and no noticeable bug issues expect my voice interactions not working. But after I relaunch complete black screen and I've even timed it to a point where I waited up to fifteen minutes before getting flustered and giving up. The logo will pop up but after that my task manager will read the program as non responsive, and yes I've ran it in administrative mode. At this point I'm at a lost and can't think of any other way to play other than completely reinstalling anytime I want to play.


Any help is appreciated.


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Please email our support team at support@joinsquad.com -- you may be impacted by a known issue, but they can help figure that out as well.


We have some common steps available at http://support.joinsquad.com, including clearing your cache and verifying game files. There are also steps for finding full crash logs (which are a bit different than the reporting tool that pops up) which may be helpful as well.

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