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Squad Crashing randomly most games.

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Hey Guys,


First post here but really need some help,


Recently my game has started crashing, sometimes I can play a few rounds with no issues and other times I will crash every 5 minutes. At its worst I will crash in the main menu as well. Never used to have this issue so i have no idea whats causing it. I have drastically lowered my graphics settings and this hasn't changed anything.


System Specs:

Intel i5 4570 3.20Ghz


Nvidia GTX960


Attempted Fixes:

- Updated Graphics Drivers

- Re-Installing graphics drivers (Including using DDU)

- Re-Installing the game

- Deleting Local files

- Clearing Cache

- Checking Screen and Game resolution and refresh rates

- Windowed/Fullscreen/Borderless


- Updated DirectX

- Using MSI afterburner i've established that my graphics card/GPU does not appear to be struggling as it is not pinned at 100% usage when the crash occurs


Please see crash log below:


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I'd recommend reaching out to our support folks at support@joinsquad.com. We also have folks available in Discord, including community volunteers, that may be able to assist as well: http://discord.gg/Squad

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