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New Models For Irregular Militia in Desert Maps?

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I find it really weird when in "Arabistani/Middle East" setting, where Insurgents and Militia go at it, we have strangely out of place Militia dressed in Russian Mafia track suits and Soviet/Russian old camo pieces with cold weather field jackets and such. Some would say such cosmetic thing is not needed and absurd, but doesn't it seem absurd on the first place having Slavic/Eastern European men running around Middle East fighting Insurgents. 


After all Russian Ground Forces for example get different versions of camo for different settings, so why not change out different uniforms for appropriate settings for Militia? For example, for Al Basra Map, having Militia have uniform akin to Mahdi Army of Al Sadr. - All black with green or white or black lettering akin to Hezbollah. For Afghan desert, have uniforms typically worn Pre Taliban Northern Alliance. - Mix of old soviet desert and American BDUs with afghani civilian clothing.

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