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What's up with the crashing?

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Game crashes whenever,  for no particular reason. 
Happens when games are good, I get the role I want to play, or everythings just smooth, but whenever its a boring map, or boring fight, I didn't get to get my role, it plays full for three four maps.

This is no good experience. It can't possibly be on my end. 
Are there any people here who experience (0) crashes?

Worrying about crashing every second isn't a great feeling when playing.

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On 19.8.2019 at 8:55 AM, ZXD_Lee said:

Is your favourite role sniper? 

Haha, No. I play all the roles, but sometimes I feel like gunner, sniper, sapper, etc. But the developers have fixed it now, they've made being a rifleman just as good an experience. :)

Although, my issue has partly been fixed, waiting for the total optimization so I never ever crash.

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