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Black screen with anticheat but not through SquadGame.exe

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Launching the game normally (including the launcher / anticheat) leads to the launcher startup (showing the BAF soldier / anticheat logo) but then an endless black screen once the game starts up prior to the controls loading screeen  (waited 20mins +). According to task manager, it is not responding.

Tried - setting executables and Steam to admin.

          - uninstalling / reinstalling anti-cheat

          - deleting cache / init files

          - changing steam launch settings to various resolution modes / -safe mode, -noeac


Interestingly: if I launch either of the direct .exe's (SquadGame.exe) in the steam library, the game works perfectly. However, as this skips the launched this does not include anti-cheat so I cannot play online.


Any ideas would be appreciated

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Just a quick update in case anyone has similar issues, I can narrow down my fix to one of two actions:

- Updated my Nvidia graphics drivers making sure not to download the version which includes Geforce Experience as the in-game overlay (Shadow Play, I think) might have caused issues.

- Uninstalled anything which might have interacted with the AntiCheat (Sorry this is slightly vague, I focused on virtual machines, virtual drives, Nvidia telegraphy, etc. Specific focus on anything which creates 'Services' on startup according to Run > Services.msc).

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