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Well first I am quiet new to the game.

I love the gameplay and realistic comms.

What I do miss is the personal statistics. A page where i can see my scores of the games played and where i can see my progress. Am I improving or not?

Is that planned or is it not on the to do list?

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Squad does not keep any stats, evry game is a new beginning.

Some servers do keep stats, but only of what you preform on said server.


I don't know if it is planned, but personally i'd rather not see them.


I used to play planetside for a long time, and if my kd dropped under 2.8 , i'd get annoyed over it and started playing differently.

Even though 2.8 was still good, coming down from 3.8 made me feel like shit and eventually lead to me making alot of new accounts.

Stats drive me insane. (if you haven't noticed already <.<)

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