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Pop up to advise SLs that they should/have to remain as SL

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Not sure if it's just me, but one thing which would really help the game would be a little pop up that tells anyone setting up a new squad that a) they should only do so if they are fairly experienced, and b) they are generally obliged to remain as SL, even when the going gets tough. 


Admins on server do the best they can to deal with idiots/newbies setting up squads and then leaving, but that's really not a solution. The damage caused by people doing this seems pretty significant to me. You often find games where the squads spend ages passing the SL role around. That then has a nasty knock-on effect to the team generally, when the other SLs realise that one of their squads has no decent leadership. It also generally adds to a potentially toxic atmosphere.

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What Jevski said. When the SL role starts getting passed around, simply wait for it to get to you, even if you don't want to lead. If you want to prevent further damage to everyone in the team, the best thing to do is to ask if anyone wants to step up to be a squad leader and if not, immediately disband the Squad. Leaderless squads are a handicap for your team, and on many servers you even risk trouble with the admins if you try to remain in one. The longer you wait the worse it will be once the squad is disbanded and it will cause many of your squad mates will be left without a kit in the middle of nowhere.


I'm afraid a pop-up with some warning won't stop a player who determined to get that sweet, sweet marksman kit even if his entire team has to pay the price.

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My solution from 3 years ago of completely unlocking the kits and buffing out the basic iron sight Rifleman role way up so its the ultimate CQB class instead of the disposable role that everyone simply wants to get rid of makes way more sense.


Think about it. Since the very beginning through the entire process of every patch adding new kits we're still fixated on using this ersatz notion that if a squad leader could build his/her own squad it would be 8 HAT kits which is patently false.


Certainly nobody's going to believe that a team comprised of 5 squad leaders with 35 HAT's would ever win a match against a normal team.


Case in point, go back to when the clans were abusing the old role system by forming squads and quickly having dudes leave in order to cheese the roles before they patched it with the current role system based on math. The SL was getting the ACOG along with several other ACOG Rifleman and maybe a SAW.


Everyone is unique and wants to play certain roles. Give the squad leader full control over building his/her squad A la  Carte including their own role and you won't see this problem again.



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